Ministries We Support

Dr David and Sherry Nichols

Living Water Fellowship - Rush City, MN - Who We Support - Dr David NicholsHeart of the Father Ministries is led by Dr David and Sherry Nichols. They travel extensively nationally and internationally, doing ministry in churches and doing revivals and having healing festivals.

Through them many have come to know Jesus and been healed, both spiritually and physically.

Their ministry headquarters is in Rush City, MN. They also make their residence in rural Rush City.

Heart of the Father

Ben Goodman

Guest Speaker - Living Water Fellowship - Rush City, MN - Ben Goodman
Ben Goodman is a prophetic minister who travels nationally and internationally to encourage, strengthen, and equip various streams of churches with a strong prophetic and teaching gift.

He is a growth track pastor at Manna Church in the Fayetteville, NC area.

He and is wife Becky have three daughters - Rosey, Tessa, and Anna.

Yimi Arguetas

Living Water Fellowship Rush City MN Who we support Yimi Arguetas
Yimi and Chelsy Arguetas have lived and worked at World Harvest Ministries International Seminary in Somoto, Nicaragua.

They train young people at the School of Missions to become disciples and missionaries that will head out to touch unreached people groups.

World Harvest is planting schools in Africa and Nepal.

Yimi and Chelsey moved to Nepal in 2018.

Dinesh Chand

Living Water Fellowship - Rush City, MN - Who We Support - Dinesh ChandDinesh Chand was born to an orthodox Hindu family in North India. From Dinesh's childhood, he was seeking after the truth. He found no answers.

After turning from a Hindu to an atheist to an agnostic, he became very frustrated and gave up.

At 22, he heard of the name of Jesus for the first time when he met an American in a restaurant. Within two years, he met her in three unusual encounters.

Each time, she shared Jesus. On her third visit, Dinesh knew that the Lord was knocking on the door of his heart and he experienced Jesus as his personal Lord and Savior.

The Lord called him into ministry and he was ordained as pastor of a church in New Delhi. He served for eight years with this church and it was there that he met his wife, Rachel.

God reminded Dinesh of his people group in the mountains and of the lost in his home state. In 1998, Dinesh and Rachel started the ministry of Forefront Mission.

Forefront Mission