Protection During Storm

Hi – This is Pastor Lee and I would like to share a testimony of God’s Protection.

Living Water Fellowship - Rush City, MN - Pastor Lee Beecher

On Friday night the 17th (or actually early Saturday morning about 1:00 am), there was a very powerful storm pass over our house. I heard an extremely loud “crack.” One so loud that I can’t say I have heard anything that loud before. It was so sudden and loud that I shot right up immediately. It sounded as though something had hit the house as the house shook and I also heard glass shattering. My assumption was a tree had hit the house and a branch had gone through one of our windows.

I turned on a light in our foyer/ hallway area and proceeded to search for the damage. Thankfully, we had not lost power. I did not however turn on all the lights so parts of the living area were dark but I could see there were no broken windows.

I proceeded to go upstairs to check the bedroom and the window for damage. I found none, so I returned downstairs again. Corinne came out of the bedroom and started turning on more lights. We looked outside and could find no damage to the house but could see that a very tall pine tree we have within 10 – 20 yards from the corner of our home seemed to be shattered.

Still searching for the broken glass that I had heard, I returned to the living area where our stairs are. With more lights on I could now see what happened. I believe when the lightning struck the tree it was so forceful that two pictures and a clock we had on the wall closest to the tree had been shaken off the wall and the shattering glass I had heard was the glass in the picture frames breaking as they flew to the floor.

The amazing thing that I thank God for is that the glass was right where I had walked to go upstairs. I had bare feet and walked right through all the glass! There was even glass that had flown up on the first step of the stairway.

As Corinne and I examined it, we knew there was no possibility that I could have walked through there without shredding the bottom of my feet. We normally have a rug at the bottom of the stairway, but it is no longer there and I distinctly remember feeling the wood flooring under my feet realizing and thinking the rug was gone. I believe God protected my feet when I was unaware of all the glass. There were so many shards on the floor there was no way of not stepping on glass.

The amazing miraculous blessings of protection that God granted me that night. Glory to His name! God is good. Thank you for listening (reading) this testimony. I hope you are encouraged about the God we serve.

Pastor Lee