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New Living Water Fellowship Facebook Page

From the Pastor’s Desk

Hello to All,

I trust and pray this finds you all well and blessed! I am communicating today to let you know of a few things that have transpired since the last letter I wrote. I trust these items will continue to make our communication more efficient and easier for all.

New Facebook Page is Live

Living Water Fellowship Facebook Page - Rush City, MN
I have mentioned in previous communications that I had been working on a Facebook page for the church. With the help of Brenda and another friend of mine, it’s up. I did notice that a few of you have found it before I am making this announcement. Good for you! It is up and running.

The problem is it has been a little hard to find considering Facebook took it upon themselves to post an unofficial page that lists before our official page.

Please, when you do a search for Living Water Fellowship, be sure to watch for my picture in the thumbnail. That is the official page and I will do my best to get the unofficial page taken down or placed further down the list to make the correct one easier to find.

Facebook Live Streaming

Also, with the new Facebook page, comes the ability to live stream and record messages. I am hoping that I will be proficient enough to do this for this coming Sunday’s message. Be looking for that on Sunday! I will post more information as the time comes.

Also, I am going to be leaving brief live messages and recordings of scripture and encouragement frequently. I hope you will be able to take advantage of them.

I will also record the message audibly as always and it will be found in the sermon archive as usual. Al and Carmen are planning another recording for the children also.

We will continue to do our best to communicate any changes to you as quickly and efficiently as possible. Hopefully these things will help. May God bless you all and keep you in His grace and mercy!

Pastor Lee

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