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From the Pastor’s Desk

Hello Everyone,

Thank you for coming to the website. I’m glad you’ve looked in for announcements and information! Please direct others to the site also as you communicate one to another.

New Things are Happening

I wanted to share a few things that have – or are – happening.

Facebook Page – I am working on getting the Living Water Fellowship Facebook page up and running. I have it started but need to do some work yet before it’s fully functional. When that is done, we are hoping that we can broadcast our services live for those who have or are willing to enroll on Facebook. I know many of you have accounts already.

Online Giving Page – Secondly, we now have the ability to give tithes and offerings online on the website. Brenda was able to find an application that we believe will work well and is hopefully easy to use.

Let us know if you have any problems signing on. Thank you to all who have given already. Your giving is greatly appreciated! You can also continue to mail your donation.

Note: the link to the giving page is on the far right of the navigation bar.

Share Your Testimonies

I also would like you to send me – through any of the venues – testimonies of all God is doing in you and through you.

I believe we are seeing way too many reports that only tend to stir up great concern and fear. Your testimony will encourage others that we have a God who is alive and on the move. Remember, just as we sing in the worship song, you are who He says you are!! Be confident in who you are in Christ and utilize the gifts He has blessed you with.

I am also considering posting some communications that I have been sent from Chuck Porta and others. Most of you know Chuck as one of our oversight team. So please stay tuned to the website and check often for news, announcements, and testimonies (prayer requests too!). I believe there will be more and more as time goes on.

Please pray for my technical abilities to flourish as I am pretty much technically illiterate (lol, it would be a miracle, really!).

Governors Emergency Executive Order

Lastly, in the Governors Emergency Executive Order, page 8 section v., he has made clear provision for ministers and church leaders to continue to be able to minister and not just shutting us down as some insignificant group or organization.

I believe this is an amazing breakthrough as it recognizes the importance of spiritual counsel, prayer, and assistance as being important to our health and recovery from a government official.

Also, President Trump had called for a day of prayer and also expressed his wish that we would be able to worship together for the upcoming holiday.

Send a Note of Gratitude

I would encourage you – if you are able – to send them a note of gratitude for their acknowledgment of the church as being a significant entity in the United States and the State of Minnesota. We do not always have those in authority that are willing to do so. Let’s do our scriptural mandate and pray for them for Godly wisdom and guidance.

That’s all I have for now. I hope you will tune in and join us tomorrow at our service time and worship our Lord and Savior together as one in the Spirit!

Al and Carmen have also recorded a message for the children. Tell all the families and grandchildren to tune in for their special message to the kids.

Love you all and may He bless you richly,


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