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Coronavirus Impact on Church Meetings

From the Pastor’s Desk

Dear Church Family,

As you know, we are going through unprecedented happenings in our world day by day, hour by hour due to the Coronavirus situation.

As your Pastor and Elders, we are continually seeking wisdom and inspiration from the Holy Spirit as to what, when and how we are to make decisions concerning our church body. We believe He is and will continue to speak clearly to us as a body and give us continued direction at this time.

Coronavirus and Church Meetings

We have prayerfully decided that according to the Bible in Romans 13: 1- 7, we need to respect the State of Emergency call to limit any gatherings we may have to less than 10 people. We do not believe that we are being asked, or are we compromising our beliefs by doing so.

We have considered and some have asked about the fact that the enemy would love to shut down the church through non-meeting. We felt that the Lord spoke and said, “Are you not a Spiritual people? Are you not one in Spirit with me and with each other? Join together at the times you normally would gather and in Spirit you are gathered and are worshipping me as one even though you are not face to face.”

Gather Your Household Together
for Worship and Prayer

With this, we are asking that you would take time on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 7:00 pm and Sunday mornings at 10:00 am to assemble your household together, have a time of worship, prayer, and listen to a teaching from our website. Or if you don’t have access to our website to watch a ministry that you trust through another media outlet that is available to you.

Pastor Lee is going to endeavor to record a message for the Sunday service time frame and then get that to Brenda in order for it to be available to you at that time. The web address is You will find the message under the sermons tab.

To stay updated, please go to the church website and click the events tab, then announcements. We will do our best to keep you updated on the most current schedule and information changes as they happen. You can also click on the “news” tab to look for information.

We Are Always Available

You may certainly call any one of us at any time and we would be willing to answer any questions you may have. Our availability will be the same as it has always been. Feel free to call us to counsel or set a time to meet individually. At the moment there are no restrictions on that and we are very willing to be available.

If you go on the website and click on the contact page, you can leave a message that will go to Pastor Lee’s email. He will respond as quickly as he can. Our phone #’s are as follows:

We will answer as soon as we can.

We encourage you to be seeking God through prayer, His Word, and worship. If you feel that you receive a word for the church, please contact one of us and let us know. We believe God is speaking mightily and often and that will not stop.

Continue to be Lead by the Spirit

Finally, during this time, please be seeking the Holy Spirit as to how He can inspire and use you “For Such A Time as This”.

Please do not let fear and uncertainty keep you from ministering to others and also from giving financially as He tells you to give. (The bills will continue to come even though we are not meeting in the church building right now). Tithes and offerings can still be mailed to the Church.

Our address is: P. O. Box 148, Rush City, MN 55063.

Brenda is looking into adding online giving to our website. We will let you know if and when that would become available (thank you, Brenda).

Thank you for your attention and prayers.

We love you all,

Lee, Brian & Clay

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