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CDC Recommendations for Coronavirus

From the Pastor’s Desk

Hello everyone,

I hope and pray you are all doing well and are encouraged in the Lord!

I am writing this afternoon to share a few things that we want you to be aware of. First, we met as elders and discussed information that we obtained from the CDC and MDH websites. It was dated March 13, but it was the most current information available to us.

CDC & MDH Guidelines

At this point the Center for Disease Control and the Minnesota Dept of Health recommendations for places of worship are as follows:

  • To not meet in more than groups of ten for two weeks.
  • After that, no more than groups of fifty for eight weeks.

Now I understand, things are changing rapidly every day, so the guidelines could change. But with these in mind, we could possibly gather again on the first Sunday in April.

I did hear this morning on the news however that Governor Walz was considering a statewide shutdown which would only allow essential workers such as hospital, grocery, gas station, etc. workers to be going to work as other states have mandated. I know this would change the numbers allowed to gather also.

Please be assured that we will continue to monitor these sites for any changes that are made and will do our best to communicate changes that we make to you. We want to be able to gather again as soon as it is prudent to do so.

Technology Updates

Secondly, I have spoken with Brenda and we are working on two things that will hopefully make things a bit easier for all of us to communicate.

  1. FACEBOOK – One is a church Facebook page where I and everyone else can leave messages easily and important information can be disseminated as quickly as possible.

    I know everyone does not have a Facebook page, myself included. I challenge you, as I am challenging myself to move forward in technology (LOL) so we can communicate as efficiently as possible. That said, if that is just not available to you, we will do our best to contact you personally as well.
  2. ONLINE GIVING – Next is we are also going to endeavor to set up online giving availability to our website. At this point, it looks like it will be through PayPal and I don’t think you will have to set up an account for yourself. I hope that is the case.

We will let you know as soon as these things are available to be used. Please be patient as I am not a high tech person and it may take me a little time. Thank you.

Sunday Gathering

Lastly, I want to remind you to gather tomorrow morning (Sunday) at 10:00 am and worship together in Spirit our Lord and Savior!

There is a message that will be posted under the sermons tab that you can listen to. Please have grace on me as my first attempt at recording is questionable. But I strongly believe the encouragement is from the Lord.

As much as it may seem we are being hindered with all that is happening, we have so much to be thankful for!! May God bless you richly!!

In His love,
Pastor Lee

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