Pastor Lee Beecher - Living Water Fellowship - Rush City, MN

A Call to Prayer

To all at Living Water Fellowship,

I am writing this letter to each of you to let you know that I have sensed a word from the Lord for our church family.

Call to Prayer

A Call to Prayer - Living Water Fellowship - Rush City, MN - Girl PrayingIt is a call to prayer.

A call to gather as a body each evening at 7:00 – 8:00 pm to intercede for our “Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, even for the uttermost parts of the earth (which I hope you understand and put that into our current situation).

I will layout the specifics about what this will look like later in this letter. I am quite confirmed that this is truly the Lord’s call on our body at this time. I will share with you the confirmations that I feel are relevant:

  1. First – On March 8th, Chuck porta shared as part of his message to the church, a prophetic word that I believe spoke to this (I was going to list wording for each of these, but it was so long I decided not to).
    If you want to refresh yourself on this word you can go to the website, look in the sermon archives and listen from about 1:04:30 and you will hear the word. Specifically, as part of it, he spoke of prayer meetings.
  2. Secondly – On April 4th, Steve Fordahl shared a prophetic word with me that he had received which he felt included the body at Living Water Fellowship (if you would like to read it, please contact me and I can forward it to you). Part of this word was that we needed to advance through being on our knees in intercessory prayer.
  3. Thirdly – As the Monday Morning Prayer Group was meeting, I had shared what I believed the Lord was speaking (of which they shared was confirmation to things they felt they had heard from the Lord individually).
    In the middle of our prayer for this, I received a text from Tenny Anderson which I believe also confirmed the word I had received (again, if you want the content of this, please let me know and I can forward). Part of this was sharing about the time between Passover and Pentecost.

So with that being stated, I again make a call for prayer. I ask that you please seek the Lord for the extent of your participation.

I felt to have small groups each night, seven days a week until the day of Pentecost, meeting at the church, from 7:00- 8:00 pm.

I firmly believe we are at this time to still walk out obedience to the Governor’s mandates of not more than 10 people and keeping social distancing. If you feel that you can not gather, do as you feel led, there will be no condemnation of any kind.

We understand that there are circumstances in each one’s life that make choices different for each individual.

Prayer Meeting Structure

If you are one that believes you are able and want to participate, I am going to assign a night to each person. I will take couples and families into account and schedule them together.

If you see your name on these lists and you do not believe you should attend, or can’t attend on the evening assigned, please do not be alarmed. I just don’t know where you all stand so I am including everyone’s names.

This, of course, means that initially there could be some adjustments that need to be made as we find out who will and will not be attending. Contact me through your method of choice and confirm your decision with me, please.

I feel led to commit unto the Lord to every evening so I will be leading the meetings. We will start promptly at 7:00. I understand things do not always go as planned. If you have to be late due to circumstances out of your control, come anyway. If you can’t make it at all, please call and let me know.

These will be PRAYER meetings. I feel the direction of the Lord is to pray, not study. I’m sure the time spent apart as a body has made us miss one another and the temptation will be to enter into fellowship. If anyone wants to stay after the meeting and visit, that will be fine. However, from 7- 8 will be prayer time. Please plan on that.

I will do my best to adhere to the time frames so that if you feel a need to not stay too late, you can leave at the appointed time and not feel poorly about doing so.

Prayer Schedule

Here is the schedule at this point:

  • Sunday – Dan & Brenda Lillemo, Don & Rosie Blazek, Dave & Nina Niedenfuer, Dave & Sherry Nichols, Brian – Julie & Lydia Houtari.
  • Monday – Scott Olene, Larry Palmer, Gary & Steph Olson, Larissa Teich, Joanne Maki, Bethany Grandpre, Glen Kish.
  • Tuesday – Roger – Tenny & Jade Anderson, Joe & Tammy Manthey, Gil Eby, Rick & Mary Johnson, Jim & Judy Crandall, Mike Huntley.
  • Wednesday – Andy & Deanna Anderson, Clint & Linda Crosby, Jacky Kveton, Jenn Pertinen, Corinne Beecher, Derril & Cyndee Grey, Justin Waschenbecker.
  • Thursday – Brian West, Karen Moore, Ron & Cressy Scharmer, Al & Carmen Cady, Jeff & Cindy DeJarlais, Tim Foy.
  • Friday – Chuck & Cheryl Gossen, Nick – Steph – Imogen & Sophie Hackel, Jordan & Lizz Knight, Steve & Ellen Fordahl.
  • Saturday – Clay & Dianna Waschenbecker, Sue Hjerpe, Mike & Rebecca Kuhlman, Tim & Ann (Johnson) Kunz, Ray & Kelly Kaudy.

There are a few names you may notice are not listed. These are people that currently are out of the area. If you receive this letter, when you return and would feel led to participate, please contact me and I will fit you on an appropriate day.

Thank you for your consideration about your participation. Once again, this is not to guilt anyone into participating. If I did not think this was a serious word, I would not be asking you to do this.

Please be in prayer for the facilitation of these meetings. If you can’t participate in person, please pray at home on one of the nights (or every night?) and participate in that way.

We may consider venues such as ZOOM where people can be live yet from a remote location or also possibly broadcasting live on Facebook and people can text in if they would like.

I believe God will bless as we endeavor to be obedient to His call. Let’s all trust God for a fruitful season of revival in our cities, counties, state, country, and world. Many lives are at stake. I love you all and look forward to seeing or hearing from you soon.

Bless you!

Pastor Lee